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dr jonathan


Clinical Social Worker
PhD in Psychology
Director of the IETSC and
of the Family Welfare Center

Dr. Jonathan Regalado is one of the greatest exponents in Spain in Clinical Social Work. He has 15 years of professional experience, both in clinical and social intervention.  He has intervened with more than 1,600 cases and has given more than 4,000 hours of training, both in Spain and Latin America.  

Provides clinical services to individuals and families, educational services to institutions, and  advisory and consultancy services to professionals. 



What is Clinical Social Work?

Clinical Social Work is a specialized, qualified and therapeutic practice of Social Work that provides direct evaluation, prevention and intervention services to individuals, groups and communities, with the aim of increasing psychosocial well-being and reducing disturbing situations of the same (discomfort ). The clinic of Social Work is a relational, therapeutic, performative and political process, whose object (the clinical), is the symbolic-subjective dimension of human experience in interaction with its material-environmental context.

The most frequent services provided by a TSC professional are: psychotherapy, counselling, mediation, case defense, intervention in social relations, orientation and management of social and community resources. It is a useful specialty and applicable to all work contexts where intervention is carried out with individuals, families, groups and communities.  

(Gifted, 2019)

Áreas Especialización

Areas of expertise

Clinical Social Work, Assessment and Diagnosis, Person-In-Situation Approach, Psychotherapy, Brief Systemic Therapy, Resilience, Affective-Sexual Diversity, Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture. 

clinical social work is  my most developed area of specialization, including its fundamentals, intervention methodology, evaluation and diagnosis and  services and roles. I have been carrying out intense work, both professionally and as a teacher, for the development, legitimacy and promotion of the specialty of Clinical Social Work in Spain. Today, I am honored to be able to say that I am considered one of the  greatest exponents of the country, with national and international recognition.  

I wear  I carry out my clinical practice under  models of the  Brief Systemic Therapy, with a psychosocial approach (person-in-situation), critical, based on strengths and resilience. I am a faithful defender of the premise that all clinical practice developed from Social Work must contribute, in some way, to Social Justice and Human Rights.


Study  Oriental Medicine and I am  trained as an acupuncturist, specialized in Korean Acupuncture (Saam Method), hand  of Master Hyun Seung Shin Ra (Daniel Shin). I investigate  the usefulness of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture in different psychosocial and emotional imbalances, as well as the integration of the Eastern worldview with Western psychotherapeutic methods. 

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IETSC Family Welfare Center.  

Cooperative Founders Street, 48, 1ºD.  

38639 The Chafiras. Santa Cruz of Tenerife. Spain

Phone: +34 646745984


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