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The titles are necessary, but they are not enough to practice Social Work. A high level of competence is required to establish relationships of trust with others, and this capacity is not studied, it is developed with time and effort.   


It is necessary to have solid principles that act at all times as a beacon that guides action, with dignity and social justice being of great importance.   

It is necessary to understand the person as a whole,  and be flexible enough to submit your ego to the uniqueness of the people you help. 

Jonathan Gifted

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Professional experience

  • Since 2019 (Currently):  CEO at  IETSC - Spanish Institute of Clinical Social Work ,  institution that offers training, consultancy and professional agency services. Director of the IETSC Family Welfare Center.  

  • Executive director of the University Diploma of Specialization in Clinical Social Work , a title of the Pablo de Olavide University of Seville in collaboration with the IETSC. The first university training in TSC in the history of Spain.  

  • Since 2006 (Currently):  Social worker in Social Services  de Arona, developing intervention with cases and families, from clinical and healthcare methods; community intervention programs and project coordination functions.  

  • From 2011 to 2019.  CEO of the Cabinet of Social Work – Jonathan Regalado , where he provides clinical social work services for individuals and families, as well as specialized training services for Social Work professionals.

  • Has experience of  clinical and social intervention with more than 1,600 individual cases and families , mainly with problems of social exclusion, mood disorders, anxiety, behavioral problems in childhood, family imbalances and experiences of discrimination and oppression due to affective-sexual diversity.  

  • He has taught more than  4,000 hours of specialized training ,  mainly through Official Colleges of Social Work and companies and institutions of the social sector.  

  • Speaker and lecturer in national and international territory  (Ecuador, Panama, Chile, Argentina and Mexico).

  • 2008-2015: Tutor of professional practices of the students of the Degree in Social Work of the University of La Laguna and the UNED

Charges and Merits


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